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About Us

Hey bombshells,

Curly & coarse or fair & fine, we've got the skills to give your brows a thrill!

We'll be honest with you, we weren't BORN with perfect brows...these babies have been shaped, waxed, tweezed, trimmed, filled (the list goes on and on...whew) into submission. The moral of this eyebrow story is that there IS hope to make the most of what your mamma gave you, we promise! 

We can coax your eyebrows into the amazing arches they were always meant to be.

The products we sell online are products we use on OURSELVES. There is absolutely nothing we sell online or in our little vintage-inspired brick-n-mortar shop that we don't personally use and love. 

Tired of stuffy, snooty salons? Brows in need of a do-over? 

Do drop us a line or make an appointment by visiting our website www.bombshellburlingame.com


Stephanie & Christina

(owners & sisters)